Thursday, October 2, 2014

Like Mother, Like Son

Yesterday, having a little more money than I thought I would, and Rowan having had a rough morning, I decided to take my children to Dairy Queen for lunch.  Not to actually sit in there, you understand, but just to go through the drive through and bring our food back home to eat.

Rowan was very excited about the prospect, but it still took quite some time to get him in clothes and put his socks and shoes on.  By the time I had Henry's socks and shoes on, Rowan had gotten sidetracked by a book.  Now, who does that remind me of?  Hmm.. let's see.. Oh, that's right--myself!

I gently prodded Rowan toward the door.  He drifted onto the porch, still reading his library book, and wafted down the steps.  He got to the gate and stopped, too caught up in his reading to think about opening it.  I opened the gate and he meandered out to the van, stopping on the wrong side.  I reminded him that his booster was on the other side, and he made his way over there, nose still stuck in the book.  He stopped.  Opening the door was just too much work when there were words to be read.

After strapping Henry in, I opened Rowan's door and he wafted into his seat, still reading.  I buckled him in, then got in myself and started the van.  Rowan read "Mouse Soup" aloud to us the whole way there and back.

Now, I love it that my child enjoys reading "Oz" and "Narnia" with me.  We're four chapters into "Prince Caspian".  He is capable of reading those on his own, but much prefers that I read to him, because he doesn't want to stumble over words he's not yet familiar with.  But he will read Arnold Lobel aloud.  Frog and Toad, Mouse Soup, Owl at home.  And this without any prompting!  He is reading and enjoying!

Then today we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house, and Rowan plopped right down on the couch with another book.

Don't worry; we did get outside and play today, too.

The problem with being blond is that so often in pictures I look bald.