Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cloning: It's Not Just In Star Wars Anymore

Let me tell you a little secret:  Rowan was spontaneously cloned from his father's cells.  Or so it seems at times.  But wait; let me start at the beginning.

Yesterday, as Rowan and Henry ran and played in the house together, shrieking with laughter, suddenly Henry started howling.  Rowan had been pulling him in a small wagon and it had tipped over, spilling Henry.  I cuddled him and checked him over for injuries, and found none.  He eventually stopped crying and ran off to play again.

Shortly after, Paul noticed blood on my sweater.  Not my blood.  We checked Henry again, and there, under his chin, blood was dripping.  Oh me oh my!  Quick, for the bandaids and Neosporin!  He howled and protested, of course, but we did eventually manage to get him bandaged, thankfully.

Well, Savanna and I left shortly after that to pick up Noah from school and stop by Safeway to buy a pumpkin.  That is, a pumpkin pie pumpkin, as specified by an online recipe I found.  We couldn't find one, so I bought a butternut squash instead.

It wasn't until after lunch, when Savanna had gone home, that I had opportunity to try my Fresh Pumpkin Pie scheme.  I got the squash washed and cut, and set it to steam on the stovetop.  While it was steaming, I made up the pie dough and put it in sandwich bags to protect it from the air until time to roll it out.  The squash finally was soft enough, so I took it out chunk by chunk and began scraping it into a bowl.  Henry came toddling around and I took another look at his wound.

It was still bleeding.

Now, I'm no expert when it comes to medical stuff, but I'm pretty sure injuries aren't supposed to still be bleeding several hours after they're sustained (and subsequently bandaged).  I decided to take him to the Dallas Hospital.  I put my squash in the refrigerator and abandoned my plans to make it into pie that evening, then Henry and I set off.

I had thought it would be a simple matter of gluing his chin back together.  After all, Rowan's lip had been glued after he split it open four years ago.  But no, the nurse explained, the area under his chin moved too much and would pull the glue off.  He needed to have stitches.  He wound up getting two stitches, about which he was NOT pleased.

Later that evening, Henry and I went into the day room for a snuggle and a movie.  I walked through the doorway and found a surprising sight--Rowan was sitting at the counter our TV rests on, having hooked up my laptop via HDMI cable to the TV.  He was drawing on MS Paint while looking at it on the TV screen.

Uh, yeah.  My 5-year-old hooked up my laptop, by himself, to the TV.  And it worked.  At this point, I just thought how very much he was like his Commo daddy.  (Thinking of your speakers, Paul!)  How cute!  My little boy is like his daddy!

But I'm afraid it runs much deeper than that.  I suspect that really he must be a clone of his father, put into my body through IVF while I was sleeping.  You see, when I went back into that room twenty minutes later, he was playing chess on the computer while rocking out to "The Great Unwound" by Poor Old Lu.  It's Matthew, I tell you!  A cute, charming, way-too-smart-for-his-own-good, pint-sized version of Matthew!  The fact that he LOVES C.S. Lewis just cements it.  (We're almost done with "Voyage of the Dawn Treader"!)

Both boys are sleeping now.  It's nice to have the quiet after the looooong day today.  (To sum it up, Savanna and I picked up a good friend from the airport, then drove to Wilsonville for lunch, where I promptly locked the keys in the van.)  I think it's time for snuggles with my honey. :)

Oh, and the pumpkin pie was excellent.  I've discovered I can justify it as a dinner item.  Squash, eggs, butter, and milk, and the sugar in it can't be any worse than the brown sugar we ordinarily put on squash at the table.  Plus, Rowan and Henry actually eat it!  I can officially classify pumpkin pie as getting my children to eat their vegetables!