Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fruit of the Harvest

Tuesday we picked pears.  We have two pear trees in our backyard, and while they're not as full as we'd like them to be, we did get an overflowing crate full from one of the trees.  The other tree we plan to pick today.
This picture taken before we made it overflow.

Rowan and Henry were delighted to help us in this task.  Rowan climbed the ladder in search of pears.  Henry climbed just because he likes climbing.  I took him up with me once and showed him how to pick, but he wasn't interested.  Oh, and yes, three of us were still in pajamas.  Also we hadn't had breakfast yet.

Daddy and the boys tried using the ladder all at the same time.
We had lots of fun and I took way too many pictures.

Next time I think I'll write the whole blog first, before putting the pictures in.  Otherwise I get lost and take up too much space.

The rest of my day was fun, too, since I got to go to Annetta's for my weekly writers' group (nameless thus far).  We didn't do any actual writing this time, but we did record a song!  My parents and Melody took turns watching my small children, for which I am extremely thankful.  Savanna turned up at Annetta's just as I had to leave to get Matthew from work; I'm glad she made it!  When she came back to my house we stayed up *ahem* a bit later than we should have, gabbing and plotting, as all good Slytherins do.  I really should stop staying up too late, but it was nice to have uninterrupted conversation for once.