Monday, August 18, 2014

Poop, and Other Matters of Significance

Today Rowan pooped in the toilet.  He requests that I share this information with Savanna especially, since he got a roll of Necco candies for it.  I would assume he wanted to share the Necco with her, but he's eaten them all.

I blew up the wading pool again today.  It needs to be done daily, if it's going to be used, since it's a few years old and apparently has a leak or five.  It's always thrilling to try to blow something up while two excited children are trampling it underfoot.  I've developed an art of kicking the pool out of the way with my foot just before four small feet land on it.

Henry has developed the art of standing on the edge of the pool and watching the water gush out.  When we stop him from doing that, he uses his hands to press the edge down.  He finds it delightful and entertaining.  The yard and I find it soggy.  I tried putting him in time out when he would do that, but it didn't help.

This evening Grandpa took matters into his own hands.  He sat in a lawn chair holding the hose, to which was attached a sprayer nozzle.  When Henry gleefully stepped once more onto the pool edge, he was greeted with a blast of water from Grandpa.

Oh my.  Poor Henry didn't know what to think.  He ran across the yard and sheltered beneath our pear tree (which reminds me, I really, really need to pick pears in the morning), giving Grandpa the Glare O' Death, which is absolutely hilarious coming from a two-year-old.  After a few minutes he ran back to the pool and stepped on the edge again, and was once more given a blast of water.  Back to the pear tree he ran, and we were treated to The Glare again.

It took three or four times before Henry figured it out.  He stepped cautiously to the pool, looked around at Grandpa, then lifted his foot carefully over the side and set it in the pool.  He waited.  The other foot followed slowly, until he was standing fully in the little wading pool.  He stood there with his back to us, still as a three-foot-tall statue, for a minute.  Then he turned his head and peeked over his shoulder at Grandpa.  When he saw that Grandpa sat smiling, and was not brandishing the hose, he laughed and started splashing in the water again--without pushing the edge down.  Such a great lesson to learn!

Carol made roast beef hash for dinner tonight.  Both Rowan and Henry ate it, despite Rowan saying that he doesn't like potatoes.  He even said, "I'm full, but I can't stop eating!"  Haha!

I suppose at some point I should fold the laundry that's been sitting in baskets at the end of our bed for three days....