Monday, August 25, 2014

Pears and Makeup

Yesterday I got up much too early, took Matthew to work, then drove back home to meet Savanna.  She drove out from her house and we planned to go over to Annetta's right afterward.  Except.. my children were still asleep and I didn't want to wake them.  And then Annetta texted and said she wouldn't be ready until at least 11.  And then, between one thing and another, we didn't actually get to her house until about 12:30.


We had a long, drawn-out lunch, Neta made us coffeecoffeecoffee, we dawdled a bit more, and then--OHMYGOSH IT'S 2:30 IN THE AFTERNOON!!!!  Uh, and Matthew was due to be done with work by 5:00.  So Annetta, Savanna, Robin, my mom, and I set to work.  Sav, my mom, and I were peeling and slicing the pears, Robin packed the pears into jars, and Neta (wo)manned the canner.

Then, catastrophe.  Mom had Annetta arrange the jars on the canner, then told her to put the dome on top.  Annetta asserted that she couldn't find any dome.  Mom started panicking, wondering if it had been left at her house.  Annetta continued to insist that there was no dome.  Then, suddenly:  "Hey, do I have this upside down?  It kind of looks like a dome."

Oh, we giggled.  My mom laughed so hard she almost toppled over.  Eventually it got sorted out and the dome was put right-way-up on the canning base.

When Savanna, the kidlings, and I had to leave to pick up Matt from work, we had six jars of pears canned (plus one broken), several peeled & sliced pears waiting to go into jars, and lots of green pears that needed to sit for a few more days.  Not the most productive, you might say, but it was a start.  We plan to continue on Tuesday.

This morning Savanna and I started jogging.  That is, she jogged near her house and I jogged near my house, but at the same time.  Then I grabbed Rowan and Lili and headed over to her house to pick more pears.  We got A LOT.  Lili made instant friends with Jax and Bailey, Savanna's dogs.  We brought the pears home and had lunch, then Savanna and I headed for Salem to get her a cosplay costume.

That adventure was certainly interesting, but we discovered the really funny thing when we got home.  Carol asked if we'd seen Rowan.  I said no, and headed up the stairs to the bathroom.  I found my makeup bag open, powder all over the counter, the mirror of my eyeshadow case broken, and creamy cheek glaze all over my brushes.  Oh my!  I went out to the train yard to find Rowan and found him with very read eyelids and eyebrows.  Such a funny boy!

He's sleeping now, and I suppose I should be, too....